Current openings


Research Interests

We recently advertised a fully-funded postdoctoral fellowship in the area of applying emerging technologies to understand human impacts on coral reefs. Applications are now closed for that fellowship, but check back for future positions as they become available. 


I encourage potential postdocs to bring with them with their unique areas of interest, perspectives, and skill sets. These can align with my own skills and interests and/or add a new dimension to our lab's current research foci. I'm willing to supervise postdocs who want to work either within the areas in which we're already working or in related areas that are exciting to me and have potential for informing marine science and conservation. 


Before contacting me, it's likewise important to ask yourself whether you will likely be a good fit for our lab.

Some key characteristics that I look for in postdocs are:

  • Strong written and oral communication skills (as demonstrated by publications and scientific and public presentations)

  • Strong quantitative skills, e.g., the ability to think mathematically and program in R (preferably), Matlab, and/or other relevant programming languages

  • A strong sense of self-sufficiency, innate motivation and willingness to work hard to excel

  • An ability to think outside the box, e.g., to come up with novel questions, tackle problems in novel ways, etc.

  • A willingness to sometimes venture outside of their comfort zone (safely!) to get the job done - whether that be in doing field work, learning a new programming language, in engaging public speaking, and so on

  • Integrity, passion, kindness and humour, i.e., I aim to fill our lab with quality human beings who get along well with others

Once in the lab, I expect that postdocs will contribute substantially to both the scientific and community aspects of the lab. This includes collaborating with me and my graduate students (where relevant) and providing consistent leadership as well as mentoring where appropriate. Postdocs are expected to conceive, design, and execute high-quality research and publish high-quality papers. I also strongly encourage postdocs to seek external funding, as appropriate, to support their work in the lab. Bringing a positive attitude is, of course, a must.


Postdocs in my lab may be funded in a variety of ways, but are generally funded from their own grants/fellowships and my research grants. 

Some useful lists of possible funding sources are maintained by the Baskett Lab, Pathways to Science, the ecology and evolution community, and Dieter Lukas and colleagues (also see their Google Doc).

If you are interested in joining our lab and have already been awarded (or have a strong proposal idea for) a nationally or internationally competitive postdoctoral fellowship (such as a fellowship through NSF, SmithLife Science Research FoundationFulbright (for non-US citizens), or Endeavour (for Australian citizens)), please contact me to discuss options.


If, after reading and considering the information above, you believe you are a good fit for my lab and vice-versa, feel free to email me ( to introduce yourself. In your email, please include: 

1) a brief (1 paragraph) description of what you would like to focus on as a postdoc in my lab; 
2) a CV; and
3) names of three references.