Dr. Elizabeth Madin

Principal Investigator

Marine community ecology & food webs

Predator-prey interactions

Emerging technologies for coral reef conservation

Luisa Fontoura

Ph.D. candidate

Ecology and evolution of reef fishes

Reef fish and coral interactions

Coral reef conservation


Dr. Catherine Foley


Marine population ecology

Social-environmental systems

Emerging technologies in marine ecology

Dr. Kristin Precoda

Research Associate



Lab Alumni


Shaley Valentine

M.Sc., Utah State University

(Co-supervised by Elizabeth Madin)

Now a PhD student at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in the Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences.

Dr. Aaron Harmer


Now at Massey University in New Zealand. Also runs Taranui Photography

Dr. Osmar Luiz


Now at Charles Darwin University in Australia.